Project Rise is a philanthropic endeavour initiated by the Dawoodi Bohra community which is being implemented wherever the community resides across the world. As the name suggests, its aim is to raise and elevate the less fortunate among us. It strives to foster a culture of empathy, awareness and generosity such that no individual is neglected, overlooked or marginalised.

Project Rise deals with a wide spectrum of initiatives and activities in healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation, environmental responsibility and conservation as well as education. It endeavours to bring about an uplift in people’s lives so that they may live in comfort and with dignity.

Food security

Food insecurity is a pressing global concern which is being worsened by the effects of climate change, global pandemics and political shifts.

The Dawoodi Bohra community kitchen, better known as FMB, is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to deliver one freshly cooked, wholesome meal to every Bohra household across the world, each day.

As an extension of the FMB initiative meant to reach out to the broader society, food drives are conducted on a regular basis by community members across the world. These are done either in partnership with food banks and other charities or by the community itself. Expert advice from nutritionists is shared so that people maintain a healthy diet and make the most of existing provisions so as to curb waste

In certain areas, community members have initiated a sustained food security programme known as ‘Zero Hunger Squad’, whose aim is to provide a wholesome and nutritious meal to the marginalised sections on a timely basis.

Providing clean water

In a world increasingly characterised by a lack of fresh, clean water, it is imperative upon each and every individual to contribute towards water conservation while exploring new and innovative avenues of increasing Earth’s water supplies. The civic tenets of Islam condemn all kinds of waste, especially that of water. Water security forms an important pillar for Project Rise where community members have been actively trying to provide access to clean water to deprived areas.

Community members in Karachi took an initiative to supply clean and fresh water to rural and other areas most affected by the inaccessibility of water. As part of the global Project Rise initiative, two tankers carrying 1500 gallons of water each supplied water in different parts of the city on a daily basis

Protecting the natural environment

Islam greatly emphasises the environmental responsibility that falls upon every Muslim. From the Prophetic tradition that exalts cleanliness as integral to faith, to the civic tenets of the sharia that forbid polluting water sources and the unnecessary felling of trees, Islam inspires an outlook that is truly comprehensive vis a vis its emphasis on conservation. The Prophet Mohammed states: ‘All of Creation is a family dependent upon Allah, the most beloved to Him, therefore, is the one who benefits His family the most.’

The Bohra community has long advocated for environmental responsibility and conservation. The bounties of nature are gifts from the Almighty and safeguarding those bounties for future generations is considered to be a responsibility that falls upon every individual. The community’s environmental awareness arm, Burhani Foundation, has actively undertaken initiatives towards a greener, cleaner world since its inception in 1992. From tree plantation drives to cleanup activities to wildlife conservation exercises, the foundation seeks to address all forms of environmental concerns

Health & fitness

A Quranic verse quotes the Prophet Ibrahim as stating: ‘And when I fall sick, it is He who cures me.’ Drawing inspiration from this, the Dawoodi Bohra community operates numerous hospitals, clinics and medical facilities such as ambulances and paramedic services in towns and cities worldwide, offering quality medical services to all. In rural areas where proper medical facilities are scarce, regular community organised medical camps offer basic examination and check-ups for prevalent conditions as well as free medication.

To inspire healthier living and create awareness about lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease, the community frequently organises free check-up and screening camps, informative seminars, marathons, walks and other sporting events that raise funds for research and treatment.

Women’s empowerment

The values of Islam and the legacy of exemplary female role models, such as Moulatuna Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and Sayyida al-Hurra al-Malika, Queen of Yemen, endure today in the rich tapestry of the Dawoodi Bohra community, which honours the integral role and significance of women.

Dawoodi Bohra women, encouraged from childhood to pursue all educational opportunities, lead successful, purposeful lives, excelling in a diverse range of fields. The impact of their social contributions is felt in every sphere of society. These women strike a unique balance between leading modern lives and adhering to traditional values and beliefs, enabling them to achieve personal growth and work for the betterment of society and the environment.