Dawoodi Bohra Community Provides Aid to 300,000 Flood Victims

This story was reported in Pakistan Observer on 13th October 2022.

Excerpts from this story appeared in an article on Dawn on 11th October 2022.

Over 300,000 flood victims have been provided with dry ration, cooked food and medicines across various cities of Pakistan led by the Dawoodi Bohra community in collaboration with the Pakistan Army. The campaign is being funded by members of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Pakistan as well as from around the world to continue to help rehabilitate the displaced population. Under the banner of Project Rise, the Dawoodi Bohras’ philanthropic arm, the community has resolved to assist at least 500,000 people and give them a chance to restart their lives.

The delivery of aid & sustenance goods on the ground is being effectively conducted including waterproof tents, linen sheets, clean drinking water, dry eatables like ready-to-eat black channa, dates and biscuits; packaged milk and juices, formula milk powder for children of various ages, stitched or ready-to-wear clothes, plastic shoes, hygiene products, raw food items such as rice, flour and lentils as well as medical supplies especially for the elderly, sick, mothers and children.

The community aims to help at least a percentage of the 33 million people who have been affected by the unprecedented floods; thousands of houses that have been destroyed beyond repair, thousands of families who have lost loved ones; 600,000 pregnant women in dire need of maternity care; 3 million people who are seriously ill because of dengue, malaria, typhoid, gastroenteritis, cholera and other contagious and water-borne diseases.

The celebrations of Eid Miladun Nabi are being carried out in a unique manner by the young members of the community. In light of the prophetic tradition, “Prefer for others what you prefer for yourself”, more than 1500 prepared Miladun Nabi celebration boxes containing toys, clothes, books and various other gifts labeled “Khushiyon ka Tohfa” for their fellow brothers to celebrate with them while they face the challenges brought upon by the floods in their villages. On the day of Miladun Nabi, these “Tohfas” were handed over by the children of the community to the Pakistan Army personnel to distribute in the flood affected areas on their behalf.

Project Rise is a philanthropic endeavor initiated by the Dawoodi Bohra community which is being implemented wherever the community resides across the world. As the name suggests, its aim is to raise and elevate the less fortunate among us, dealing with a wide spectrum of initiatives and activities in healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation, environmental responsibility and conservation, and education.

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